We’ll spend quality time in a local of your choice with a local beverage of your choice.* We explore the power of the Chatbot to build your business, together constructing the Bot persona and then plot customer journeys, potential conversations and desired outcomes.

I record our conversation and then go away and build you a Bot. Within days you have a AI Chatbot engaging with your leads and winning customers 24-7 on both your Facebook page and your business website.

*Local Beer is nice but I also do coffee, cider or tea and also coffee shops, cafes or pubs – you chose, I pay 😉

why beer ?

I believe our best work happens when people feel they can be genuine and relaxed and sometimes out of the traditional business environment. 

We want this preliminary ChatBot conversation to be ​


Imagine having several assistants in your business, available 24-7; nurturing multiple potential customers simultaneously; saving money; automating repetitive tasks, capturing Facebook leads and selling your products and services why you get on with building your business and doing the things you want to do. Facebook Messenger Bots also collect useful and strategic information about your subscribers and customers in order to develop highly targeted future campaigns and remarketing funnels. The Bot I will make you will go to work on your Facebook page and your business website pages within days.

WhY Me ? 

“I make innovative and profitable Chatbots, I understand people and their customer journey. I’m a digital media and marketing expert, serial entrepreneur, activist, leadership coach and trainer, addicted learner, Ironman triathlete, husband and dad of 4. I live in Exeter UK but am happy to travel to the local on your corner…”

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